Earning a Varsity Letter

  • The varsity letter system is based on a 500-point system. If a gymnast is able to earn 500 points during the course of the season, then she will earn a varsity letter for that season above and beyond the Varsity participation award.
Activity: Points: Max Points:
Contributing to Team Score 100 300
OCC Lineup 100 100
District Lineup 100 100
Scoring an 8.0 on an event 100 100
Competing on 3 events in Season 100 100
Sportsmanship*** 50 50
Attendance 50 50
2nd Year of completed Participation 200 200
3rd Year of completed Participation 300 300
  • Attendance Points:
  • Lose 25 points for an unexcused practice
  • 2 Unexcused practices are grounds for dismissal from the team
  • ***Sportsmanship Points:
  • These points are earned with conscientious and sportsmanlike participation at all times; including meets, practices, school hours, on the internet, and whenever representing your team/school.
  • The loss of Sportsmanship points makes a gymnast ineligible for a Varsity Letter-no matter how many other points the gymnast has earned.
  • **A gymnast must compete on at least TWO different events during the season. (Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam, Floor)  This does not have to occur in the same meet- it can be at different meets throughout the season.
  • If a gymnast is injured during the season- it will be the discretion of the coach as to whether or not she will earn a varsity letter.

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