Hilliard Invite

The Hilliard Invitational began in the 1999-2000 gymnastics season.  This meet was started by Head Coach Paul Westenheffer and Assistant Coach Regina Coverstone to celebrate the accomplishments of the Hilliard Davidson and Hilliard Darby Varsity Gymnastics Teams. During the 09-10 Season, we expanded to add the Hilliard Bradley gymnastics team.  All 3 of these teams are strong gymnastics teams individually- but it still remains that they are all HILLIARD gymnasts at heart.  These three teams practice together, compete together, worry together, and cheer together!  They have a strong bond that the coaching staff is proud to be a part of.  I congratulate the Hilliard Davidson, Hilliard Darby, and Hilliard Bradley gymnasts- they have truly built a great legacy to be celebrated!

Information regarding the Invitational:

  • There will be a total of 16 teams competing in the Invitational
  • There are 4 Flights of Competition.
    • The competitors will  warmup in the back gym, then come to the Main gym for a “touch” on the equipment & then they compete on that event.
  • The 4 flights continue on that rotation until all teams have competed on all 4 events.
  • In an Invitational, a team may compete 6 Gymnasts per event. However, as this is our Hilliard Invitational- Hilliard will have additional “teams” competing.
  • This allows EVERY Hilliard Gymnast an opportunity to compete on at least one event in our Hilliard Invitational.  It is a wonderful way to showcase all of our Gymnasts!
  • Competition will begin at 9:00 am– the first round of Hilliard Competitors will be in Flight 2- so they will not compete until closer to 9:20.
  • We should be all done with Awards and Equipment tear down no later than 5:00 or so.  This is just an estimate, it could run a bit faster or a bit slower.