Practice: 11/23 and 11/25

Court 1Court 3
N/D-POD5:00-6:50 C-POD5:15-7:05
D-POD7:00-8:50 R-POD7:15-9:05
Court 1Court 3
R-POD5:00-6:50 D-POD5:15-7:05
C-POD7:00-8:50 N/D-POD7:15-9:05

Tryouts this Week!

2020-2021 Tryouts:

Friday November 6th: 4:30-7:00 @ Fliptastic! Gymnastics

Saturday November 7th: 8:30-11:00 @ Fliptastic! Gymnastics

Practice begins Sunday November 8th: 12:30-3:00 @ Fliptastic! Gymnastics

COVID Procedures:

Gymnasts must wear masks when entering practice & at all times when not on apparatus.

Temperatures and symptoms will be checked by the coaching staff as/before gymnasts enter Tryouts (and all subsequent practices and meets)

Each gymnast must bring their own water bottle ( we will have team water bottles soon)

Coaching staff will wear masks at all times

Gymnasts will be provided with individual chalk containers (must provide own small water bottle for grips if desired)

Workout of the Week 11.2.20

4 rounds of the following: 

10 walk outs (walk out into push-up position, walk in) 
20 Super mans
20 Roman twists (can hold a weight) 
20 frog jumps 

Pre-Season Meeting:11/2

We will have a brief Pre-Season Meeting to go over procedures that we will be following during practice, tryouts, etc.

Monday November 2nd

8:00 pm

Via Zoom (see team google calendar for zoom link-this was also sent via Email)

Please note- ALL GYMNASTS must have everything signed off on in Final Forms and they MUST have an up to date Physical on File to participate

Workout of the Week 10.19.20

4 rounds of the following:

20 burpees (straight arm, no push-up)
20 jumping lunges
20 lemon squeezers
20 leg kicks (each leg)

Stretch splits each way, 1 min each.

Practice Schedule 20-21

Please note- all schedules, including practice, are subject to change

*Practice times around Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break are likely to be altered.

Monday: 5:00-8:00pm- Darby High School

Wednesday: 5:00-8:00pm- Darby High School

Friday: 4:30-7:00 pm- Fliptastic! Gymnastics

Sunday: 12:30-3:00- Fliptastic! Gymnastics

Tryout Information

Tryouts will be held on the following days/times:

Friday November 6th– 4:30-7:00pm @ Fliptastic! Gymnastics

Saturday November 7th– 8:30-11:00 am @ Fliptastic! Gymnastics

Practice will begin on Sunday November 8th- 12:30-3:00

In order to participate- All Gymnasts MUST:

  • Sign up on Final Forms
  • Have an up to date Physical (on file and in Final Forms)
  • All forms Signed off in Final Forms

No Gymnast will be able to participate without all of these items complete!

Workout of the Week 10.12.20

4 rounds of the following:

10 handstands
10 push-ups (chest to floor, can do from knees)
15 front leg kicks (15 each leg)
20 full sit ups
:30 sec elbow plank hold

After completion of 4 rounds, stretch splits (right leg, left leg, middle splits) for 1 minute each.

Stay tuned for more later this week!

Conditioning Update

With everything that is going on- we are going to be putting out a “Workout of the Week” for any interested gymnast to follow in preparation for the season.

Stay tuned for the “Workout of the Week” early next week!!

20-21 Final Forms!

Log into Final Forms and begin getting forms signed, etc. As SOON as Possible!

There is a NEW Covid Form that BOTH parent & Gymnasts MUST sign off on prior to the Season.

Everyone needs an Up to Date Physical PRIOR to tryouts!