Updates Week of 1/13/14

Monday 1/13:
Davidson & Bradley– Away meet at Worthington Kilbourne.   Be ready to get on the bus by 4:00
Darby- Practice at 5:00 at Darby Fieldhouse.
We need to complete the Team Meal sign ups!! we do not have anyone signed up for Monday 1/13.  We will only need 2 people for this as it is only 2 teams (11 Bradley Gymnasts, 5 Davidson Gymnasts)
Please consider signing up for this meal if you have not done so yet.  If you are interested in signing up, but have trouble getting the items for dinner there by 3:00- we can send an email out to get help for that part.
We will also be hosting the 3 sessions of the OCC Championship meet on Saturday February 8th.  We will be having a sign up to coordinate the items for the coaches/judges room- stay tuned!
Now that we have completed the Flip a thon- we need to start getting the team fees turned in (this is separate from the School Participation fee)
Info on team fees:
Returning Gymnasts: $75.00 (unless you are getting a new leotard- then it will be $160.00)
New Gymnasts: $175.00These amounts can be covered by fundraising in all or part.  Checks can be made out to “Hilliard Bradley Boosters- Gymnastics”

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