Friday 12/5:
Flip a thon will be held during practice
Sweatshirt orders are due (we don’t need the money until next weekend-Checks payable to “Taylor Marketing”)
Orders for the Paw Print Charms are due

Wednesday 12/10:
First meet of the Season!!! yay!

Team Meals-:
Thank you so much to all that have already signed up to help with a team meal. We have had a bit of a reduction in the overall number of gymnasts- so it will most likely be fine to have 2 people signed up for a meal. So- as you are looking at open sign ups- lets try to get 2 volunteers for each meal before adding a third.
Clarification- there is not a pre-set menu for the meals. The parents that sign up for a particular meal can coordinate what they would like to bring. I just ask that you consider the overall nutritional value and keep in mind that this will be what they eat before competing.

Hilliard Invite sign up:
We have had a lot of activity on the sign up- but we still have a lot of items, etc. to cover. Please let me know if you have any questions.

On-Line Form Sign off and Participation Fee:
We still have MANY gymnasts that do not have all of their forms signed off on by parents in home access. Please make sure that you are going in to check- even if you did this in the fall.
New this season- you have to re-acknowlege your in person attendance or video viewing of the Athletic meeting that is held by the athletic department.
You must have the $100 participation fee paid online
All forms must be signed off on- a current physical on file- and the Participation fee paid prior to next Wednesday 12/10, or I am not permitted to allow a gymnast to compete.
There are still several Gymnasts that do not have current Physicals on file with the school- This again, MUST be up to date asap. If you are unable to get in to your doctor- places like the Little Clinic will do a sports physical.

Team Fees:
I would like to have the team fees collected before the girls go out for winter break.
If you have any questions or concerns with this- please contact me individually
Please remember that these fees will be paid to “Hilliard Bradley Athletic Boosters” (if a check is being written)

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