Updates & Reminders!!

Please Turn in $$ for the Rooster Gift Cards at your Respective Banquets or this weekend.  Due to the delay in getting cards out- any unsold cards may be turned back in.

Friday March 11th & Sunday March 13th: Fundraiser!!– Set up and tear down for Follow Your Dreams Club Meet. (@Darby High School)

  • Friday will be around 7:30 or so
  • Sunday will be around 8:30 or so
    • I will have Final Times by mid week
  • All Gymnasts are expected to participate
  • We also Really need Parents to assist with this as well
    • Siblings, Friends or other help are welcome!
  • Hoping to last no longer than 90-120 min each time
  • Only have 1 gym of equipment this year (instead of 2 like last year)
  • Any Gymnast who is looking for any additional Community Service hours
    • Fliptastic! has several slots for running floor music that they need filled.  If you are interested, contact Jamie Parsley: 614-440-4051 or parsleyjamie1@gmail.com

Saturday March 12th:

Team Events- OSU Meet, and Team Sleepover at Fliptastic!

I need to know if anyone is NOT going to attend the OSU Meet- I need to BUY the Tickets Ahead of time!


  • Each school has an “All Sports” Winter banquet
    • Each gymnast will attend their respective “All Sports Banquet”
    • These are brief- about an hour in length
      • Bradley- 3/8-6:30 pm
      • Darby- 3/10-6:15 pm
      • Davidson- 3/16-6:30 pm
  • We will have a “Combined Gymnastics Banquet” as well that each gymnast is expected to attend
    • We will hold this on 3/16 Following the Davidson All Sports Banquet
      • Darby and Bradley Gymnasts/Families- please arrive at about 7:15 at Davidson on 3/16

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