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State Meet Competition Info

Friday- Team Competition (Bradley Team Competing-1st time ever!)
2:15- Coaches Meeting
3:00 Parade of Competitors/March In
3:10-1st group Warm up Begins
3:30-Competition begins for 1st group
**From what I can tell so far- it looks as if Bradley will be in the 2nd group. So- if this is the case- they would be warming up at 3:30 and then competing between 3:50-4:00. 
Saturday- Individual Competition (Davidson- Nikia (Bars), Darby- Chloe (Floor), Bradley-Greta (Bars, Beam, Floor, AA – which means she will compete on all 4 Events to get All-Around Score)
10:00- Registration
11:00- Coaches Meeting
11:30- Parade of Competitors/March In
11:40- First group Warms Up
12:00- 1st Group begins Competition

**From what I can tell- Looks like we will be in the 2nd Group- starting on Balance Beam.
This would mean that Greta would be the first to start competing and that would be around 12:20.
Nikia– if this rotation is correct- Bars would our LAST event- Which would be sometime after 2:15 I would guess.
Chloe– She would probably be competing on Floor around 1:00 or so.
These are probably the best estimates that I will be able to give- hope this is helpful!

State Meet Worker Info

We will have a more complete role in the management of the State Meet this week.  This increased role will also allow us to raise more money for our Teams!



  • Set up for State Meet on Thursday 3/1- 7:30-10:00ish
    • This involves unloading the equipment truck (equipment is rented) and set up of the equipment
    • All Gymnasts will assist with this
    • We welcome any Parent helpers for Set Up
    • We will be specifically looking for some dads, brothers, friends, etc to help get the equipment out of the truck for the gymnasts to set up
  • Workers during the Meet On Friday & Saturday- 
    • Selling Programs (1-2 gymnasts will be able to do this each day)
    • Manning the Media Table in Fieldhouse (Media people will pick up their credentials from this table- and you will also make sure people are not coming/going in the fieldhouse besides competitors and coaches)
      • This can be more than ones person, and can be divided into shifts if needed.  This will start around the time of March in each day.
    • Extra People to Set Bars/move mats as needed
      • This will be done by the Gymnasts
  • Tear Down of the Equipment on Saturday 3/3
    • This will involve breaking down the equipment and loading it back on the truck.
      • The Back gym will be able to be torn down while the end of the meet is happening.
      • Competition is usually done by about 3:30 or so- so tear down of main gym would begin after competition and awards were done.
        • All Gymnasts will assist with this
        • We welcome any Parent helpers for Tear Down
        • We will be specifically looking for some dads, brothers, friends, etc to help get the equipment back on the truck once the gymnasts take it back there. 


District Meet Info

  • Date: Saturday February 24th
  • Location: Worthington Kilbourne High School
  • Bus Time: 11:15 am
  • March in/Announcement of Teams: 1:00 pm
  • 1st Flight Warmups: 1:20
  • Competition Begins: 1:40
    • Bradley– 1st AfternoonFlight-  Vault (approx. 1:40pm)
    • Darby- 2nd Afternoon Flight- Bars (approx. 2:00pm)
    • Davidson– 3rd Afternoon Flight- Floor (approx. 2:20 pm)
  • There is a warmup gym and a competition gym- the teams will rotate from the warmup gym, to the main gym until all events are completed
  • Awards: Scheduled for 5:45 pm
  • T-Shirts: They will be selling T-shirts the day of the meet.  I do not have a design and they are not doing pre-orders. I believe the prices will be $18 & $23 (I am guessing Short Sleeve & Long Sleeve)
  • Friday Night Team Meal (after practice) will be at Coach Carol’s house. We should be done by around 8:30/9:00 or so.

Senior Night Info

  • Senior night “festivities” (introduction/walk-in for each senior) Will start around 6:15. 
  • Parent should be there no later than 6:00- you may want to come earlier if you need more time to set up your Senior Board (we will have tables out for them to sit on)
  • Competition will begin after the senior introductions & pictures (hopefully between 6:30-6:45)
  • We will have Cake and Cookies at the end of the meet!
  • The format of the meet will be the same as our normal home meets- with the only exception being that we will be highlighting our Seniors on each event.

OCC Championship Meet Info


7:55am- 11:00 am

11:15- Awards 


10:00 am-      Gymnast Report time

10:45-            Stretch

11:15-            Introduction of Teams

11:20-            Warm-up/Compete **

2:30-               Awards


1:00 pm-        Gymnast Report time

1:45 –              Stretch

2:15-               Introduction of Teams

2:20-               Warm-up/Compete **

5:55-               Awards

** The gymnasts will warm-up each event and then compete on that event right after- they will then cycle through all of the events in that way.

OCC Championships- Hospitality Room

As we are hosting the OCC Championship meet next Saturday- we are responsible for providing the other coaches and judges with a hospitality room/area. 
Please see the link below for the sign up.  
 If anyone wants to call around or knows a connection- in the past we have been able to get some businesses to donate something like a tray of half sandwiches or wraps.  If we do get that, we could substitute something like that for either the shredded chicken or meatballs.  
Thank you!