Updates for this week & End of Season

First and foremost- I want to say how proud I am of our 3 Teams after this weekend!  We had great performances from all 3 schools this weekend- I could not have asked for more!

Here are some updates for the upcoming week.

Practice:  Tuesday 5:30-8:30 @ Davidson. This is for ALL gymnasts.  We will be practicing as well as doing some season wrap up things.  This is still a required practice.

State Gymnastics Meet: (reminder- all of the work that our team does for this meet is a FUNDRAISER! and required)

Thursday:  Report time will likely be between 7:30/8:00 (will confirm soon)

Set up for the State Gymnastics meet at Hilliard Bradley High School.  There is a Tournament B-Ball Game that night- so we will most likely not be able to set up the Gym until 8:15/8:30- but we will know as it gets closer what the exact timeline will be. We will be setting up both the Auxiliary Gym/Warmup Gym as well as the main gym.  Other things that we will be doing include getting the judges tables ready (linens, flowers, snacks/candy, start value cards, other misc supplies) setting up any other components of the Competition gym to make sure it is ready to go on Friday!!

Any Parents that are able to assist- will only make things go much faster. Especially if we have a few parents that are willing to assist with getting the equipment off of the truck (equipment is rented for this event)

Friday:  Team Competition Night for the State Gymnastics Meet:

Gymnasts will need to report right after school to Hilliard Bradley (3:00/3:15).  They will be oriented to their job for the evening and sent to their stations.  (gymnasts will be getting their assignments on Tuesday at Practice)

Any parent volunteers will get their report info separately.

Saturday:  Individual Competition day for the State Gymnastics Meet:

Gymnasts will report for their jobs at 11:15

Any parent volunteers will get their report info separately.

Immediately following the competition- it will be all hands on deck to get the equipment torn down and loaded back onto the truck.  Again- Any and All parent helpers (or older siblings, etc) will make this work go much, much faster.  Parents & any gymnasts not assigned to a specific job during the last rotation of competition will be able to get the warmup gym torn down and ready to load to save on our overall time.  It is really important to have everyone there to help so that it gets done in a timely manner!

The Davidson “All Sports Banquet” Will be on Thursday March 14th (Darby & Bradley are not doing a combined sports event this year)

Our Team Banquet will be on Monday March 18th- Location TBD.

We have not set the date for the Team Sleepover at Fliptastic!  yet, so STAY TUNED!!!

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